Arvioita ja keskustelua kirjasta muualla

Bernard Guerrien:
A New ”General Theory”? (Real-world economics review, vol. 77, 2016)

Bill Jefferies:
Review (Marx & Philosophy Review of Books, 2016)

David Zachariah (an interview):
Anwar Shaikh: “The Fundamental Questions About Capitalism Seem to be Coming Back”

Ebba Boye:
A Radical New Approach to the Field of Economics (Socialist Economist, 2018)

Nick Johnson:
Anwar Shaikh’s Classical Theory of Wages and Unemployment (Socialist Economist, 2017)

Gavin Mendel-Gleason:
Review of Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crises by Anwar Shaikh (Spirit of Contradiction, 2016)

Gina Cairney:
Anwar Shaikh publishes an important economic analysis of modern capitalism (The New School Research Matters, 2016)

Heikki Patomäki:
Anwar Shaikh’s Capitalism: A new foundation for economic theory? (Heikki Patomäki, 2016)

John E. King:
Book review: Anwar Shaikh, Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crises (The Economic and Labour Relations Review, vol. 27, 2016)

John Grahl:
A New Economics (New Left Review, vol. 104, 2017)

Juan E. Santarcángelo:
Book Review: Capitalism: Competition, Conflict Crises (New School Economic Review, vol. 9, 2017)

Matthew Kulvicki & Arjun Jayadev:
A Turbulent Capitalist Economy: The Vision of Anwar Shaikh (Institute for New Economic Thinking, 2017)

Michael Roberts:
Capitalism and Anwar Shaikh (Michael Roberts blog, 2016)
Real capitalism: turbulent and antagonistic, but not imperfect (International Socialism, vol. 152, 2016)
Shaikh at Greenwich (Michael Roberts blog, 2016)

Pablo Pulgar Moya:

An interview with Anwar Shaikh (Historical Materialism, 2021)

Pertti Honkanen:
Kapitalismin analyysiä yhtenäisessä teoreettisessa kehikossa (Kansantaloudellinen aikakauskirja, vol. 113, 2017)